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A Praying Mantis and a Penny

Walking from the subway station at East 116th Street and Lexington Avenue, we came upon a penny. I picked it up. Into my pocket it went. Two seconds later we saw a praying mantis. Unlike the ones on TV of green color, this praying mantis was white. She came on to my leg. I picked it from my leg and set it on the patch that contained a tree. I could have set it on the flowers that were being sold on the street, but the vendors would not have appreciated my action and they would have killed her outright, and they would have asked, “what the hell are you doing to my flowers – if you’re putting bugs on them, buy them!” And I wasn’t interested in buying. All this happened in 3 minutes, and it took place at East 116th Street and Lexington Avenue. We have wildlife in the ghetto. And a penny. That I kept. The mantis, she’s still trying to camouflage herself in the concrete jungle.

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